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Den Haag Zuidwest

Den Haag Zuidwest

Den Haag Zuidwest



Coca Cola Light Campaign for Publicis


We learned that these young women have only a limited budget available to spend on going out. That’s why going out for them starts at home, where they get ready for a night on the town with their friends. When getting ready there is the important question of what to wear because these women like to look their fashionable best. Helped by their friends, the perfect outfit is selected. They also spend time getting dolled up and have a few drinks before hitting the town. All this preparation for a night out makes for a lot of fun. In fact, to them, enjoying the anticipation is almost as much fun as the actual going out part.


The team was briefed to capture the anticipation and fun of getting ready for a night out. They came up with the idea to create specially designed shoes for Coca-Cola light because shoes are an essential part of a woman’s outfit. To make these shoes appeal to the target group we needed a hot fashion desinger. We learned that the target group was absolutely mad about one Daryl van Wouw; a young and hot street fashion designer. Daryl loved the idea and designed 4 different shoes for Coca-Cola light; a sneaker, a boot, a lace-up and a pump.


For the campaign a special action pack had been designed. Each can and bottle featured a unique code. With this code you stood a chance of getting a 25% discount on the featured shoes and winning a glamorous night out. The code had to entered on the Coca-Cola light website.


The shoes and the campaign generated lots of free publicity and the collection was completely sold out. The biggest compliment we got from the target group, judging by their huge amount of positive reactions on the Internet.


Planning: Pieter-Paul von Weiler
Creative: Charlot Spoorenberg & Neeltje Vervoort + Annemiek Klijn & Bram Holzapfel
Account: Nicole Franken